On the occasion of Bitcoin Halving we reward you with reduced fee
for Bitcoin (BTC) in the period from April 15 from 8:00 a.m. to April 22 until 08:00 a.m. namely:
Buy fee for BTC : 1.5% (-62%)
Sell fee for BTC: 2.5% (-50%)
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More and more people are trading cryptocurrencies in BiH


Judging by the data available to BCX, the first and only crypto exchange in BiH, the number of people trading in

digital property in BiH is increasing every day. What was originally a pioneering endeavor in the crypto market in BiH, has slowly grown into a platform that currently has up to 2,000 users.

The possibility of applying blockchain technology is huge, and the market in BiH is increasingly opening to new innovative ideas and platforms.


Safety is paramount

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies through the blockchain platform, the most important thing is security and transparency, which must be guaranteed to every user. For this reason, BCX has created a new, more innovative web platform that will provide an even better crypto experience for anyone who wants to trade crypto money in BiH quickly, easily and securely. The new website enables not only the exchange of digital assets but also useful educational resources and tools for anyone interested in the world of digital money.

"Our first step was related to interaction in the field of digital cryptocurrencies, where we enabled our citizens to legally, transparently and securely buy and sell certain instruments in that market, but our next step is related to digitalization of payment transactions, and following the example of advanced countries of the world, we are working on a system that will enable a fully digitalized payment system for goods and services in BiH. The sphere of digital assets and related technologies is quite wide, and our goal is to place the most interesting innovations in this field on the domestic market." said Nikola Klak, founder of Digital Assets Management, who launched a blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading two years ago.




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