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BCH Fork

IMPORTANT NOTICE - "BCH FORK" !!! Dear users, on this way we would like to inform you 


that on 15.11.2020. year there was Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork.

Accordingly, this fifth largest cryptocurrency is now divided into 2 new coins, which are:

1) Bitcoin Cash ABC - BCHA i
2) Bitcoin Cash Node - BCHN.

Currently, through our platform bcx.ba you can only trade with BCHA (Bit Coin Cash ABC) while trading with BCHN is not possible.

We hereby warn you not to send BCHN coins to the address of BCHA which is currently the only one on our platform. Otherwise, you may lose your coin irretrievably.

In the event of any settlements or pending returns, the BCX team is ready to resolve any issues that may arise and in this way protect all users who could be adversely affected by this situation.

Best regards,
BCX team



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